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Solution Resources Inc. is a family-owned accounting and software consulting firm focused on the success of small and midsized businesses. Our team has the skill set to give you the diverse array of resources and guidance you need to select and implement the appropriate accounting software for your company. We work with you to build an understanding of your management needs, accounting needs, and finance needs. We assist in the targeted setup of a solution customized for your current needs, with an eye for growth as your business grows.  One of our goals is to train you to be confident and self-sufficient where accounting and finance are concerned.

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Since 1975, we have been implementing accounting software. We were one of the first advisiors in the orginal Intuit's Solution Provider Program, which is now called QuickBooks Solution Provider, over the last two decades, we have helped thousands of businesses with their accounting and software needs. Not only are we a QuickBooks Solution Provider, we also have an added benefit: Our background is in accounting. Our experience, certification, and training in QuickBooks, as well as other mid level business management accounting software, along with real world business experience, gives us the knowledge to customize the Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Suite to perform at its best for your company. You can rely on us for accounting software selection, implementation, migration, training, and support, as well as Custom Reporting and Third Party Applications.

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Mission Statement
We sell, implement, train, and support the Intuit Product Line, with our primary focus being QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. We share Intuit's Mission of empowering prosperity, be it through enabling you to maximize your knowledge and therefore your profits, save you time, give you confidence or just give you the ability to manage your business effectively through accurate, reliable financial statements.  Whatever "Prosperity" means to you, we are committed to working on your behalf to make it happen. 

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Solution Resources is owned and managed by Sandy Robertson and Stacy Y. Patrick. Sandy founded the business, and Stacy is a CPA she knew and trusted, having known her all of her life.

Both Stacy and Sandy have also owned and managed their own businesses and have a resulting level of insight that few can match. Combining Sandy's internal accounting and construction background and Stacy's experience with a multitude of clients in different industries and the knowledge gained from each and every one including public companies, they approach each client with solutions to problems that they really understand.

At Solution Resources, we define success as taking our clients to the next level in their development and helping them to achieve comprehensive business competency. While we sell QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, we want every client to be able to produce accurate financial information to manage their business and achieve their business goals.

While we may do the data migration and assist with the software implementation, we strive to make clients self-sufficient. When we say self-sufficient, we mean that we desire to train you and thus transition our services out of your business in time. However, we are always available for complex accounting, consulting, or other needs, such as business and financial analysis, business plans, and monthly, quarterly, and annual year end analysis.

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