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Sandy Robertson   

Finding Sandy Robertson at Solution Resources as a QuickBooks(TM) resource and advisory was the best thing that happened for Digital Technology Group (DTG) with respect to getting our financial records in order. Although we had been to accounting firms for support, none of them seems to really understand QuickBooks(TM) and the problems we were having. Not only did Sandy resolve our problems, she began to teach us how to better use the tools and resources that QuickBooks(TM) has to offer. She was there when we outgrew the basic QuickBooks(TM) Premier Desktop and help us move up to QuickBooks(TM) Enterprise. She was also able to recommend a QuickBooks(TM) compatible third party inventory management system when our ever increasing inventory began causing file size issues for QuickBooks(TM) alone. Her recommended solution not only solved our inventory issues but also gave us a customer relations management solution as well. Each of these transitions required building a new QuickBooks(TM) file which we could never have accomplished without her help. Sandy and the Solution Resources staff have always been available for us and always resolved our issues and problems. Sandy has become a true friend and very important resource to our business. If you have questions or issues with QuickBooks(TM), I strongly recommend Sandy and her team to get you the right answers and find the right solutions. 

Dr. Keith Killen  - PMP  Digital Technology Group

"This is intended as a commendation to and recommendation of Mrs. Sandy Robertson regarding her work as a consultant and spokesperson for Quickbooks. It has been my pleasure and good fortune to have known and worked under the tutorage of Mrs. Robertson for the past five and one-half years. During that time she has worked tirelessly to help me to a respectable level of competency in the use of Quickbooks for assisting in the management of financial and personnel records of our non profit organizaiton. She has taught me the basics of accounting as well as how to apply them in the use of Quickbooks. Her thorough knowledge of accounting principles and practices as well as their application to our non-profit organization has been most beneficial. She has exhibited the patience of Job in working and communicating with me to achieve our goal of records upon which we can rely to stand up under the scrutiny of independent audit. In short, our organization cannot imagine how we could possibly have implemented Quickbooks without her guidance. For her efforts on our behalf we will be eternally thankful and grateful."

"I have used Sandy Robertson and Solution Resources to complete all my taxes and related areas for approximately 8 years. Sandy also converted an antiquated bookkeeping system to Quick Books to enter and easily tract expenditures, payroll etc. She was always available to answer questions and keep me accurate in the system. Everything seemed to happen in a timely and easier manner after the changeover. I had no history of using accounting programs and found her methods simple to use and easy to understand with her helpful explanations. I would highly recommend Sandy Robertson for your bookkeeping and accounting needs as you will find her efficient, timely and at a reasonable cost to your company."

"Sandy was very knowledgeable about the programs offered by Inuit and she was able to translate that knowledge in to practical applications for the type of business that I am in. Her information helped me decide which product to purchase"

I have been working with Sandy off and on for approximately 5 years now. I have found that she possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to QuickBooks training, and in accomplishing some of the most difficult tasks in QuickBooks. She also has a strong accounting background, particularly in construction accounting, which provides me with a greater level of comfort that whatever she does, it’s also correct from an accounting standpoint, not just QuickBooks. I would highly recommend Sandy to any company that is seeking an advanced level of QuickBooks knowledge for more complex situations."

"I have worked with Sandy Robertson of Solution Resources for the past 7 years. When I begin working with QB I had no previous experience. Sandy not only taught me the ins and outs of QB; she provided continuing services as a consultant; reviewing my Financial Statements; Monthly, Quarterly and Annually, prior to sending my files to my CPA for Audit. My CPA "NEVER" made any changes to my files. Sandy was always professional, prompt and courteous. I would highly recommend Sandy and her Associates for your accounting needs."

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